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"Our company considers the FSC System House Kft primary objective in full and high quality service to our customers , keeping in mind the implementation of the first-class quality cost-effective prices .

Another goal of stable relations with the suppliers and a reliable supply forging of social capital .

FSC System House Kft owners held in employee satisfaction broad motivational system designed in mind ! "



Our business was established in 1996 predecessor , and it was a divisional basis, low current business operations , which activity the company formed a separate business
As FSC System House Ltd. has been introduced.

The main activity of the enterprise design, construction and maintenance , which can be seen from year to grow significantly in the low-voltage networks, buildings and facilities - years. Disciplines for - - Weak current systems are effectively in our design and construction experience gained in recent years.

In systems design, implementation and maintenance of the case out of customer demand we take professional advice or eszközszállítást.Társaságunk major foreign and Hungarian companies Parteam contract , which is in some cases greater representation and service background .


Balazs Paradi